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Dominique Bourcheix

Dominique Bourcheix was admitted to the Québec Bar in 1982. She practiced civil, commercial, construction, insurance and banking litigation for almost 15 years before dedicating her practice exclusively to mediation and arbitration in 1999.

She has conducted hundreds of mediations in civil and commercial law, including construction, general insurance, civil and professional liability, and disability insurance. In her capacity as the Conciliator for the Québec “Régie de l’Énergie” (Energy Board) she conducts weekly consumer based mediations.

Dominique heads the civil and commercial mediation and negotiation program for the Québec Bar, which provides mediators with their formal accreditation. She is the “Québec arbitration expert” with CAMVAP (Canadian Motor Vehicles Arbitration Program) where her job is to select, train and supervise the organization’s arbitrators.

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