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Louise Shiller

Louise Shiller

Louise Shiller is an Ombudsperson, currently serving in the education sector at the post-secondary level. Her work in ombudservices has focused on best practices, including appraisals, policy development, fair investigation, empowerment, mediation, reconciliation, and positive systemic change.


Ms. Shiller has held senior positions in both the public and private sectors, building expertise in the areas of behaviour management, school administration, student services, and educational leadership. She also has extensive experience in crisis intervention, harassment/violence prevention, and labour relations. She was instrumental in developing and establishing several essential programs throughout Quebec and improving the delivery of services at various organizations and school boards. She served as President of the Quebec Counselling Association and President of the RSB Professionals Association, having negotiated agreements and insurance plan benefits. Earlier in her career, Ms. Shiller worked for the Department of Youth Protection and later became the Director of Federation CJA West Island, leading the strategic planning process and making decisions on behalf of the community at large.


In 2010, Ms. Shiller was appointed as Concordia University’s Director and Senior Advisor of Rights and Responsibilities, promoting values of diversity, civility, equity, respect, inclusion, and non-discrimination. Her mandate included resolving conflicts, behavioural incidents, and rights violations in an effective and constructive manner, while overseeing intervention and redress. In this important role, she developed, revised, and administered policies, public documents, and training programs. During her tenure, she led task forces and committees, as well as continuously made systemic recommendations and improvements.


As a member of the Board of Directors, Ms. Shiller brings leadership and distinctive skills to the areas of programming, public policy and education, governance, and impartial dispute resolution.

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