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Guides & brochures

Brochures are produced by the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA). OLHI does not endorse any particular product or service. We encourage you to consult your life and health insurance advisor for advice on products that suit your specific needs.

Coordination of benefits
How to navigate the claims process when you have benefits from more than one health or dental plan. Learn which plan pays first and how children, post-secondary students and retirees are covered. Also find out how your benefits are calculated and what special rules may apply.

Disability insurance
Options for income replacement if you become disabled.

Life annuities
How a life annuity contract works between you and a life insurance company.

Life insurance
Types of policies; premiums, riders and dividends; and services offered by agents and advisors. Also offers a guide through the application and claims process.

Long-term care insurance
How long-term care insurance can help you prepare financially for future needs.

Segregated fund contracts
The basics of segregated fund contracts; their special features and guarantees; who is qualified to sell segregated fund contracts; and what you should ask before you buy.

Supplementary health insurance
Find out about the supplementary health insurance that complements your provincial health insurance coverage. Whether you are covered under a group plan provided by your employer or are thinking of purchasing an individual policy, this brochure outlines what services are covered; how deductibles, coinsurance and maximums work; and how to make a claim.

Travel health insurance
Supplementary health insurance Canadians should consider when they travel out of country or out of province. Learn about what to ask an insurance company so that you can better understand what is and is not covered. Tips are also included to help make the claims process as smooth as possible.

Virtual Shoebox
This interactive tool helps you to keep track of your important personal and family documents – everything from insurance policies; bank accounts; investments and mortgages; to health records; and will and estate information.

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