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About OLHI

Alternative dispute resolution for Canadian life and health insurance consumers

The OmbudService for Life and Health Insurance (OLHI) is a free, fast, independent, and impartial alternative dispute resolution public service for Canadian life and health insurance consumers.

OLHI provides accurate and accessible information about life and health insurance concerns.

This includes guiding consumers through the complaints process, answering their questions, and helping them find lost policies or policies of deceased loved ones.

Our services are:


Any consumer whose company is an OLHI member can use our services. 99% of Canadian Life and Health Insurance companies are OLHI members.


We don’t take the side of the consumer or the insurance company – we take an impartial look at all the facts.


We are governed by a board of directors with a majority of independent members and are supervised by the Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR).

Services & Tools

Public Education

Public education is central to our public service. Partner with us today:

Submit a complaint online

Let us help you with your insurance complaint using our easy online process.

Find life or health insurance

Search for life and health insurance by type or company:

Find the lost policy of a deceased

Request a free search for a policy belonging to a deceased person:

Find an old insurance policy

Find out which company holds your insurance policy after a merger or acquisition:

Our Members

Life and health insurance companies are required by law to support an impartial dispute resolution service. See our member list.

Our Directors are independent of the life and health insurance industry.

OLHI provides free and impartial dispute resolution services in English and French to any Canadian consumer whose insurance company is an OLHI member.

OLHI Standards

OLHI’s service promise

Our free services are always available by phone or online. Contact us.


We always respond within 48 hours.


Courtesy, professionalism and respect define every interaction.


We ensure consumers understand insurance policies and our advice.


Our goal is to accurately document complaints to effectively resolve disputes.

Fairness & Impartiality:

We are unbiased and impartial.


We follow a rigorous, consistent process.


We have specialized insurance knowledge and dispute resolution expertise.

Privacy & Confidentiality:

All of our files and cases are 100% confidential.

Independence & Objectivity:

OLHI operates in accordance with a framework of ongoing collaboration among insurance sector OmbudServices and the Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR).

OLHI’s fairness standard

  • OLHI’s recommendations on complaints are based on what is fair to both the consumer and the insurance company.
  • OLHI uses complaint handling practices and processes that are fair to both the consumer and the insurance company.
  • OLHI approaches complaint handling with a focus on fair business dealings and reasonable consumer expectations.
  • OLHI’s impartial complaint handling practices require us to review all available information from both the consumer and the insurance company.
  • OLHI aims to treat similar complaints in a similar way. However, as every complaint is unique, OLHI is not bound by any previous recommendations.
  • OLHI’s complaint handling process ensures that neither the consumer nor the insurance company has special access to OLHI staff during a review.

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