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Submit a Complaint

Please respond to the questions below before submitting your complaint:

Have you filed a complaint with your insurance company to resolve directly with them?

Before OLHI can review your complaint, you must first try to resolve it directly with your insurance company.

Not sure if you're ready to submit a complaint? We explain the full alternative dispute resolution process here.

Have you received a Final Position Letter from your insurance company?

If you don't have a Final Position Letter, contact your insurance company's Consumer Complaint Officer/Ombudsman to ask for a final decision.

You can only receive your Final Position Letter after you have been through the complete internal complaint process of your insurance provider.

If you submitted your complaint more than 90 days ago and have not heard from your insurance company, contact us. OLHI may be able to contact them on your behalf.

We only review complaints about OLHI member insurance companies. Please select your insurance company from our members list.

If your company is not an OLHI member, you may still have options, like contacting your local regulator or speaking with a lawyer. Please call us if you need guidance: 1-888-295-8112.

It looks like OLHI may be able to review your complaint.

Of course, we still need more information from you so that we can assess whether we can in fact become involved. Before proceeding we require that you read and sign our agreement to receive Dispute Resolution Services.

After you read and sign the authorization form, we will collect information about your complaint.

Our authorization form must be completely filled out, electronically signed and dated by the person who owns the insurance policy or the person who is a member of the insurance plan through a job or association. The lines entitled “Insurance Company (for OLHI use)” and “Insurance Company representative signature (for OLHI use)” must be left blank. OLHI will have this information completed by the insurance company. If you are not the owner or member, refer to Representatives for more instructions.

To review the authorization form BEFORE signing it and submitting your complaint, click here.


Thank You

Your authorization form has been received and a copy has been sent to your email address.

If you are not appointing a representative,
click here to continue with your complaint submission.

If you are appointing a representative, you will need to collect their signature on your copy of the form and send back to OLHI via courier or regular mail. We will not be able to review your complaint until we have received your representative’s signed form.

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