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Under pressure (travel)

Mrs. T. purchased medical travel insurance ahead of a trip abroad. On that holiday, she fell ill and had to be treated in hospital. Afterward, she submitted her claim. It was declined because the insurance plan did not cover anyone who had been treated for three specific medical conditions. In its final position letter, the

Sufficient evidence (disability)

Mr. K. was a mechanic with chronic lower back pain. Eventually, he had to stop working. His employer’s group benefits plan covered his long-term disability (LTD) for two years on the basis that he was unable to perform the duties of his “own occupation” during this time. To continue his disability benefits, Mr. K. would

Side effects of medications (health)

Ms. E. had extended health insurance through her employer. She disclosed that she suffered from seizures. This insurance also covered out-of-country emergency medical expenses. While on vacation, Ms. E. became ill and was hospitalized. Doctors determined that she had a bad reaction to a drug she was taking to treat a pre-existing condition. While in

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